MQ Test Step

MQ test step is normally used in combination with other test steps to create automated test cases. However, you can also use it to manually operate on an MQ queue or topic. (Actually, most types of test steps in API Test Base can be used to individually/manually invoke target API)

Actions available in the MQ test step: Clear Queue, Check Queue Depth, Enqueue, Dequeue, Publish.

Endpoint Details

To operate on an MQ queue, some parameters are needed for API Test Base to connect to the queue manager.

Endpoint Details

Enqueue Action

Enqueue action is used to PUT a message into a queue. You can provide the message in two ways.

Provide message by entering text

Enqueue MQ Message From Text

Text can be XML, JSON, or any other text format.

Click Do button to PUT the message into the queue.

You can also include an MQRFH2 header, with one or more MQRFH2 folders, in the message, like below. Notice that each RFH2 folder must be a valid XML document.

<mcd>                                //  an MQ defined/reserved RFH2 folder

<customFolder1>                      //  a custom RFH2 folder

Enqueue MQ Message From Text with MQRFH2 Header

Provide message by uploading a file

Enqueue MQ Message From File

This enables you to PUT a message with any format, no matter binary or text.

Message in the file can contain MQMD header which will be recognized. If there is no MQMD header, one will be generated.

Again, click Do button to PUT the message into the queue.

Dequeue Action

Dequeue action is used to GET a message from a queue. You can assert the returned message body as well as RFH2 header.

Click Do button to get the message. Click the Assertions button to open assertions panel and add/edit/verify assertions.

Dequeue MQ Message

Currently the dequeued message body is assumed to be text.

Publish Action

Publish action is used to publish a message onto a topic (specified by topic string). Same as Enqueue action, you can provide the message in two ways.

Click Do button to publish the message onto the topic.

Publish MQ Message From Text