API Test Base is an open source tool for integration testing a variety of APIs. It is 100% free and suitable for Integration, ESB, Microservices and SOA testing.

Supported API types: HTTP, SOAP, Relational databases (Oracle, SQL Server, H2), JMS (Solace), FTP(S), AMQP, MQTT, IBM MQ, IBM Integration Bus (IIB).

The tool

  • has GUI, saving user programming skills. Developers also have better experience using GUIed tool, as writing, reading and maintaining code are more brain power draining.
  • intends to provide a platform enabling integrating testing capabilities for all types of APIs.
  • provides advanced features like unlimited level folder structure for test case management, centralized and environment based endpoints management, data driven testing, HTTP stubs (mock services), etc.
  • produces test cases easily readable by technical and non-technical people, and intends to enable sharing test cases across the entire organization.
  • intends to replace traditional unit testing in the API ecosystem with integration unit testing. Here is the theory.

UI Glance