JMS Test Step

JMS test step is normally used in combination with other test steps to create automated test cases. However, you can also use it to manually operate on a JMS queue or topic, like sending messages to a queue.

Supported JMS providers: ActiveMQ, Solace.

Actions available in the JMS test step: Send (and optionally Also Receive), Browse Queue, Publish, Clear Queue, Check Queue Depth.

Endpoint Details

To operate on a JMS queue or topic, some parameters are needed for API Test Base to connect to the queue manager.

Endpoint Details

Send Action

Send action is used to send a JMS message into a queue.

You can do one-way/fire-and-forget style invocation, i.e. send message to queue and done.

You can also do request-reply style invocation, i.e. send message to request queue and receive another message from reply queue. Following is an example:

Send Message and Also Receive

Message body can be XML, JSON, or any other text format.

Click Do button to Send the message into the queue.

Browse Action

Browse action is used to read a message from a queue without deleting the message.

You can browse the queue by message index or by a substring (in message body).

Browse Queue by Substring

Click Do button to read the message.

Click the Assertions button to open assertions panel and add/edit/verify assertions.