Configure API Test Base to be an SSL Client

Sometimes API Test Base needs to connect to a service through SSL protected transport. For example, IIB test step connects to an IIB v10 integration node via IIB endpoint that uses SSL. In this case, we need to prepare a truststore for API Test Base and import the certificate from the integration node web console into the truststore.

If you don’t already have a truststore, or you have a truststore but don’t have the certificate in it, run command like below to prepare the truststore.

<Java_Home>/bin/keytool -importcert -file abc.cer -alias <certificate_alias> -keystore truststore.jks -storepass <truststore_password> -noprompt


  • abc.cer is the SSL certificate file (like that extracted from browser after opening the IIB integration node web console).
  • truststore.jks is the filename of the truststore. It will be created if not already existing.

Copy the truststore file (here truststore.jks) to . The config.yml contains corresponding settings (sslTrustStorePath, sslTrustStorePassword) for using the truststore. Adjust their values accordingly.


  • API Test Base application needs to be restarted for truststore change.
  • HTTP or SOAP test step in API Test Base trusts all SSL certificates, hence no need to configure SSL for using them.